Friday, November 12, 2004

Damo needs a gf!

Anyone sexy, single n up for a laugh..(and a reltionship) please contact friend Damo is getting tired of the single life..and i am aiding him in getting a girlfriend..i havnt got this fucking pics thing up 1 will b up asap..! please get back to me girls! (no homo's or blokes offense!)

Damo.. were sorry..althoug i did have my doubts also..sorry anyway..

Edit of below..'Matts pissed off'

Is it enlargemnet or inlargement? I think it may be it? I just didnt want to upset anyone who has had this done..n my dog had it, and now he's gay..although my button fell off my jumper..n a dont know what to i might get some bacon and make me a sandwhich....hmm..sandwhich..why is it SANDwhich? it dont have no sand in it....

Matts Pissed Off!!

Evening all..

Tonight i am rather 'not' amused! I recently purchased some delightful mountain bike forks off These 'Rock Shox' as they are known, where in good condition and i was looking forward to putting them on my shit whole of a bike, after about 2 weeks.

I soon came to my attention after coming home from the gym, that these fuckers were not going to fit..infact..they didnt! And is my point.. do not fucking buy anything from ebay! ITS SHIT! now i have to either get a better bike..which will cost a lot..but i guess i can save..although my 18th is coming up soon.... or i can send them back.. OR.. i can sell them on. I got them at a bargain price of £19.50!! That pissed me off too..its hard to find any at that price..What should i do? Responses are welcome! The picasa shit aint working for i STILL cannot put picks up..but i promise this page will get better! Hey..couple days in n already im telling you my downs!

Tonight i am rather board! so i will see whats on goes..

reading through T.V guide..not much........oooo! Elf is on DVD! good film! Turning page now..and again....and again........and again..looks good..erotic drama on channel 5 tnite! and Pulp Fiction! ....Arr..nice 1..a documentry on breast inlargement! .... turning page..and again.... ARGH FUCKING HELL! this is last weeks fucking T.V. Times!! Fuck sake!

Ok..Ok! What now? looking around the room....Argh! im so pissed off! Nothing to try and hold my breath..Go: 55.26secs..aarrrgghh..

Im on msn..oooo! emails! 9 infaxct..lets see.. um..bunch of crap! does this evening not get no better!!? gonna go a film..what to watch..what to watch?....donnie darko..aint seen that in a while..good film.. d d d d d..i could watch sit coms..Bottom? Father Ted? not in the mood for that..that crazy stunt thing is on bravo at ten..shit! 41 minutes..what to do? What to do? ARGH! Drink?!! your my friend!! gonna go to the fridge....hopefully time would have passed when i get back...................................the time is currently goes!dammit! still 21.21! maybe food? goes again..mmmm! cake! What!!21.20?!!!!!!!!ARGH FUCK IT! GOOD NITE CRUEL WORLD!!